unmotorized scooters

Unmotorized Scooters. Ideal For Exercising Your Dogs

unmotorized scooters

If you are someone that likes to take your dogs for a good run, and have contemplated the sport of dog scootering, then an unmotorized scooter built by Sidewalker USA is for you. Some people run their dogs with mountain bikes, especially the competitive or those with fast hard-pulling dogs such as Alaskan Huskies. Most people, however, prefer unmotorized scooters for the sport or just for plain exercising their dogs – as unmotorized scooters most perfectly match the trotting speed of most dogs.

Unmotorized scooters are also far safer for running or exercising dogs than mountain bikes or regular bicycles. This is because your feet are on a platform rather than pedals, so you are able to dismount very quickly if your dog stops suddenly to shake rainwater, sniff or gets distracted by something or someone.

As well, dogs can be tough on equipment; dragging it through the brush if they suddenly take off after a squirrel or some other animal. Should the dog take off dragging a bicycle, repairs can include repairing damage to derailleur, chain, and pedals as well as the spinning handlebar and brake cables. The repairs on a scooter are likely to be far less. As well, Sidewalker unmotorized scooters are built to be sturdy. They are built from Chromoly steel. This steel is a significantly stronger material than plain steel or aluminum – the metal used by most manufacturers.

Sidewalker USA builds several models of Unmotorized Scooters, each focusing on a specific need. The City model, with dual 26” X 1.5” pneumatic tires this model is perfect for dog scootering and Sidewalker USA has received testimonials from many happy dog scooterers.

For more information on unmotorized scooters or which model of Sidewalker USA’s product line would best suit you, call us today at 416-702-3636 or 416-726-2515.