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Foot Bike: A Happy Marriage Of Bike And Scooter

foot bike

What is a “foot bike?” It is the word coined for a vehicle that can be human-powered or motorized, and is a happy fusion of a bike and a scooter. Sidewalker USA makes a variety of foot bikes, each focused with a specific user need in mind, with one that will surely be perfect for your needs.

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, and so it is likely that foot bikes were invented in response to a need for a means of transportation that could be easily used in urban areas. Bicycles have long been the vehicle of choice for city streets; and scooters used by children. But crowded city conditions can make riding a bicycle difficult. Riders often dismount and kick their bikes through traffic and people.

Foot Bike’s Ideal For City Traffic. About a hundred years ago inventors first built a hybrid of the scooter and bicycle – a foot bike -- to take advantage of the attributes of both.

Foot bikes are ideal to get around in conditions such as sidewalks crowded with pedestrians, tight corners, traffic-jammed streets – all places where it would be difficult to maneuver and control a bicycle. They also have other advantages over bicycles such as they are easy to fold and store, they put less strain on the back and they are quick to dismount.

Sidewalker USA builds several models of Foot Bike, each focusing on a specific need:

The City model, as its name suggests is excellent for negotiating city traffic. With dual 26” X 1.5” pneumatic tires this model is perfect for long straight rides, when the way is clear yet also maneuverable for stop-and-start traffic.

The Willy model, as its name suggests is just wily! It is our most agile kick scooter. With dual 20” X 1.75” pneumatic tires this model is perfect maneuvering busy streets and sidewalks.

The Micro model is light weight and folds up, making it the model for those who need something to get around the city, yet have only a small storage space. The dual 12”X 2.25” tires provide maneuverability for dodging pedestrians and pot holes on city streets.

The Zumaround model is an electric foot bike offering an electric-assisted riding experience. The scooter bike has dual 20” X 1.75” pneumatic tires similar to our Willy model but with the addition of a 250W.

For more information on kick scooters or which model will best fulfill your needs, call us today at 416-702-3636 or 416-726-2515.