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Folding Adult Scooter: Unbeatable Portable Transportation

folding adult scooter

A folding adult scooter is arguably the best form of urban, portable transportation currently available in the marketplace. It’s perfect for the space-challenged city commuter, the weekend fitness enthusiast without a car rack or anyone who needs real portability combined with mobility.

An adult folding scooter is small enough to throw effortlessly into the trunk of your car, hide in the corner of your office cubicle, your front hall closet or hike up on to the luggage rack of a train. Sidewalk USA’s “ Micro” adult folding scooter, weighing in at just 15 lbs can literally be taken anywhere. How long does it take to fold up? We estimate under a half a minute.

Folding Adult Scooter Only “Micro” In Weight

While Sidewalk USA’s Micro is micro in weight, in matters of strength, durability and comfort it is quite the opposite. Built of Chromoly steel the bike has been designed with bicycle technology. It boasts high quality welds, and equal size front and rear 12X2.25” pneumatic tires, adding stability and smoothness to the ride, and supporting a maximum rider weight of 325lbs. The deck height is a comfortable and safe 5.5” above ground, high enough to avoid uneven pavements, bumps and pot holes and a low enough so that kicking is not too hard on the knees. Finally, the extendable stem/handle bar will accommodate and provide comfort to riders up to 6’6” tall.

It is simply a very handy piece of equipment to have around: Since there is no seat height to adjust it can easily be shared by friends and family. It can be used while on vacation or at home, for exercise, errands or commuting.

For more information on Sidewalk USA’s folding adult scooter or our line adult scooters, including motorized scooters, call us today at 416-702-3636 or 416-726-2515.