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Kick Bike Provides One Stop Exercise And Mobility

kick bike

Kick bikes are used both by sports enthusiasts for the work out they provide, and by inner-city guerillas for their unparalleled ability as transportation in the urban jungle. What is a Kick bike? It can be described as the offspring of a marriage of a scooter with a bicycle. Skate boards and roller-skates are very distant cousins.

Sidewalk USA’s line up of kick bike’s are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of consumers. Designed in Austria and manufactured in Taiwan, all models are built to last of chromoly steel frames, high quality welds and bicycle technology. Sidewalk USA offers four kick bike models: the City, Willy and Micro, as well as an electric kick bike: the Zümaround. Each model has been built to address a different need.

The City model has dual 26” X 1.5” pneumatic tires and is ideal for long straight rides. It weighs 25lbs and supports a maximum rider weight of 375 lbs. It provides the fastest and smoothest ride of Sidewalk’s kick-bike line up.

Slightly lighter than the City, the proportions of the Willy make it the easiest to handle and maneuver. It weighs 23lbs and has dual 20” X 1.75” pneumatic tires. It has the most responsive handling and is ideal for a midsize rider looking for a strong, light vehicle.

The Micro, as its name suggests, is the most lightweight at 15lbs. It is also foldable; making it the most portable of all Sidewalk’s kick bikes. It has equal size front and rear 12X2.25” pneumatic tires, adding stability and smoothness to the ride, and supports a maximum rider weight of 325lbs.

The newest addition to the product line up, the Zümaround is an electric scooter bike, offering an electric-assisted riding experience. The scooter bike has dual 20” X 1.75” pneumatic tires similar to the Willy but with the addition of a 250W motor to help make life easier when going up hill.

For more information on Sidewalk USAs kick bikes or help with deciding which model will best suite your needs, call us today at 416-702-3636 or 416-726-2515.