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Adult Push Bike

adult push bike Scootering is a healthy, low impact activity that works on your cardio, strengthens the body& improves posture. Please one foot on the SIDEWALKER's platform and kick! Join the other foot and you're on a smoothest glide, feeling like nothing else!

The Micro, Willy and City models offer a good mix of impact for fitness training, with more impact than cycling and less impact than running. With a low center of gravity and open architecture, they offer more freedom of movement than conventional bikes, and relief from back and seat pain. In the bicycle market, some would-be recumbent buyers and other comfort conscious riders are taking a close look at the bicycle-scooter models.

The riding motion on a Sidewalker Scooters is somewhat similar to cross-country skiing. It utilizes the large muscle groups and is easier on the body than running. The supporting leg uses the anterior thigh muscles, while the kicking leg uses the posterior thigh and calf muscles. The riding motion also works the hips and buttocks.

Adult push bike is a great option to move around the city; and awesome thing just for having fun.
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