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Scooter Bikes - Combine the Best of Bikes and Scooters

A Scooter Bike, is as its’ name suggests, a hybrid of a bike and a scooter. Sidewalker USA’s scooter bikes are built to combine the benefits of a bike with the benefits of a scooter, creating an entirely new, fun, healthy and economical mode of transportation.

Exactly what kind of an animal is a Scooter Bike? Is it a bike? Or is it a scooter? As the pictures show, Sidewalker USA’s scooter bikes look like bikes without seats; they also look like scooters with large wheels. Because a scooter bike doesn’t have a seat, it is necessary to stand upright on the platform. This puts a lot less strain on the back and provides relief from seat pain. It also means there is no chain or oil to get your clothes dirty and no gears to adjust. Scooter Bikes are also much easier to get on and off than regular bikes, and you are less constrained with respect to apparel. Finally, since there is no seat height to adjust, you can easily share a scooter bike with family members and friends.
Sidewalker’s Scooter Bike Performs Like A Bike.

The above are the advantages of the vehicle’s scooter lineage, but what about the advantages of being partly a bike? Because a Sidewalker USA’s scooter bike has “bike-like” wheels, it can travel at a speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour. On the downhills, it can go as fast as a regular bike. Sidewalker USA scooter bikes are also much better than regular scooters for negotiating bumps and potholes.

There are several models of Sidewalker USA scooter bikes, each focusing on a different need, and with a different wheel size:

The City model, as its name suggests is ideal for getting around in the city. With dual 26” X 1.5” pneumatic tires this model is perfect for long straight rides, yet also maneuverable for short and medium city rides.

The Willy model, as its name suggests is just wily! It is our most agile scooter bike. With dual 20” X 1.75” pneumatic tires this model is perfect negotiating busy streets and sidewalks.

The Micro model is light weight and folds up, making it the model for those who need something to get around the city, yet have only a small storage space. The dual 12”X 2.25” tires provide maneuverability for dodging pedestrians and pot holes on city streets.

The Zumaround model is an electric scooter bike, offering an electric-assisted riding experience. The scooter bike has dual 20” X 1.75” pneumatic tires similar to our Willy model but with the addition of a 250W motor to help tackle steep hills or headwinds.

For more information on scooter bikes or which model will best fulfill your needs, call us today at 416-702-3636 or 416-726-2515.