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Adult Push Scooter: Satisfy The Adult And The Kid In You!

adult push scooter

When you think of a scooter you may well think of a child’s two-wheeled vehicle operated by foot. Something your kids delighted in as they explored their local neighborhood with their young friends. But scooters have come a long way, and today adult push scooters are nothing like the toys of childhood. Today, adult push scooters are embraced by adults around the world as a preferred mode of transportation, especially in busy urban areas.

Sidewalker USA builds adult push scooters designed in Austria and manufactured in Taiwan to the highest standards. Our adult push scooters range from the “Micro” model which weighs in at a feather-weight 15lbs to the sturdy “City” model at 25 lbs. For those wishing to combine elements of the Micro and City is the “Willey” adult push scooter at 23lbs. The Willey is agile and ideal for busy streets. If you have a dog, it is also the most popular model for dog scootering. All three adult push scooters are built on a frame of Chromoly Steel for superior durability and have a deck height of 5.5” from the ground.
The Many Advantages Of An Adult Push Scooter

Why choose an adult push scooter and not a bicycle? In city traffic it can be difficult to control a bike. With a low center of gravity and ease of dismounting adult push scooters offer more freedom than bikes. They are small, compact, easy to maneuver and easier than bicycles to service and maintain. Yet they still offer the same delicious glide and sense of freedom that children love. Perhaps this is what makes so many “grown-ups” converts to the adult push scooter. It’s a way to satisfy the needs of both the adult and the kid in them! – Get to appointments, complete errands, stay fit, avoid harming the environment and stay within your budget – all while having fun.

For more information on adult push scooters or which model would be best for you, call us today at 416-702-3636 or 416-726-2515.