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unmotorized scooters

Looking for adult push scooter or folding scooter? You have come to the right place!

Click the image below for more information on and to purchase the City, Willy, Micro and Zumaround models. We accept Paypal payments.
The fastest and smoothest Sidewalker. Best for long, straight rides and also excellent for short & medium ones. The curved frame suspension makes for an exceptionally gracious & soft riding experience. One gentle kick and the City Sidewalker rolls! The City Sidewalker can be also used for dog scootering.
city brand foot bike
The most agile Sidewalker. Best for busy streets or sidewalks, it is the easiest Sidewalker to handle and maneuver. With its responsive handling it is perfect for a midsize rider who is looking for a strong, light push scooter to kick around. If you have a dog, it is also the most popular model for dog scootering.
willy brand kick bike
The foldable Micro is the lightest Sidewalker. On a busy street, tight corners, the subway or on the train, the Micro shines. Without compromising comfort, the 12'' pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride. The long & extendable stem/handle bar provides a comfortable ride even for riders who are up to 6'6'' tall. Fold it up when necessary, it takes 3 seconds. Unfold it when you are ready to ride again. The perfect Sidewalker for those who have only a small storage space.
micro brand kick scooter

zumaround scooter bike
We ship from Buffalo, NY via UPS Ground. In Canada we ship from Toronto.
Delivery takes 2 to 5 days depending on your location.

Please contact us with any questions. If you prefer to order over the phone call us at 416-702-3636.

We offer the best scooter bike products to kick & push bike-lovers across the USA and Canada